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MoonDance Studios

Policies and Guidelines

Last updated: 07/20/2023

Dancer Dropoff: 

Dancers should be dropped off at least 5 minutes, but no more than 10 minutes, before their class start time.  Dancers should remain in the entryway until they are greeted by their instructor.  Spectators are not permitted during class.  

Dancer Pickup:

Dancers should be picked up promptly from their class(es).  Instructors will follow their dancers out at the end of class to help them gather their belongings and to ensure that all dancers leave with their responsible adult.  

Payments/Late Fees:

Monthly payments are expected by the 5th of every month (with the exception of September). Payments that are received after the 5th of the month will incur a $15 late fee.  Payments may be made by cash in a labeled envelope or check made out to "MoonDance Studios."  Payments are to be placed in the mesh basket just inside the door of the first Studio room or can be mailed to PO Box 563, Mapleton, ME 04757.  There will be a $35 fee for any check that bounces due to insufficient funds.  Additionally, payments may be made via PayPal or Venmo.  

All payments are non-refundable - this includes registration fees, monthly fees, costume fees, etc.  All balances must be current by June 5th of the current year to participate in our annual recital.  

Pertinent Information:

Please notify us of any pertinent information regarding your dancer's health.  This includes but is not limited to food allergies, medications, special needs, medical diagnosis, injuries, sickness, etc.  


Regular attendance to class is important to a dancer's development.  While we understand our dancers participate in other activities outside of dance, it is important that they make every effort to be at all of their classes.  Please show up to class on time.  Participation in warm up exercises is important to a dancer.  At the instructor’s discretion, dancers that arrive too late to class may be asked to only observe for their safety.  

Dress Code:

If dancers are not properly dressed for class they may be asked to sit out.  The dress code for each class is as follows:  

Combo - Leotard/biketard with tights.  Shorts, skirt, and leggings are also acceptable over the leotard/biketard.

Ballet/Pointe - Leotard with tights.  Shorts, skirt, and leggings are also acceptable over the leotard. 

Jazz - Form fitting athletic clothing, with something over the knee (ex. tights or leggings).  Ex. 1 - Form fitting shirt with shorts and tights or leggings.  Ex. 2 - Leotard with shorts and tights or leggings.  

Tap - Comfortable athletic clothing.  

Clogging - Comfortable athletic clothing. 

Hip Hop - Comfortable athletic clothing.

Lyrical/Contemporary - Form fitting athletic clothing.

Acro - Leotard/biketard or dance bra and shorts/leggings. Shorts and leggings are acceptable over leotard.  NO SKIRTS.

Hair - Dancers must have their hair back and off their face for all classes.  This could be a low/high ponytail or a bun.  Ballet and Pointe dancers are required to wear a bun for class.  

Jewelry -  NO necklaces, bracelets, or dangle earrings.  Watches and studs are acceptable. 

Boys - All classes require a t-shirt and shorts.  Pants are acceptable, but not overly long.

Please note that jeans are NOT acceptable for any class!


Dance Shoes: 

The required footwear for each class is listed below.  Footwear can be purchased through the Studio by visiting our "Shop" page, or you can order it on your own.  If ordering on your own, please make sure you are ordering the correct shoes!

          Combo - tan jazz shoes AND tan tap shoes (boys will wear black jazz and black tap shoes)

Ballet - pink canvas ballet slippers (boys will wear black ballet slippers)

Pointe - pointe shoes

Jazz 1, 2, and 3 - tan jazz shoes (boys will wear black jazz shoes)

Jazz 4 - tan jazz shoes AND black character shoes

Tap 1 and Tap 2 - tan tap shoes (boys will wear black tap shoes)

Tap 3 - black tap shoes (Bloch "Sync")

Tap 4 - black tap shoes (Bloch "Sync") AND black character tap shoes (2 inch heels - no t-strap)

Clogging - black clogging shoes

Hip Hop - black jazz shoes

Tumbling/Acro - bare feet

Lyrical/Contemporary - nude half-sole turners

Musical Theater - TBD



Communication is the key to success, no matter the activity!  Email is our primary point of contact, so please be sure you provide us with an email address that you check daily!  We will also post important updates on our Facebook Page and here on the website.  

Please note that due to our class times, messages that are received after 2pm will likely be answered the next business day.  

Annual Recital:

We hold an annual recital every June at the Caribou Performing Arts Center.  All classes participate in the recital unless otherwise noted.  We typically hold one or two rehearsals at CPAC prior to the show.  Each class will have their own costume.  Costume balances are due by the beginning of March.  Costume prices are typically determined by mid-January.

Additional Information:

No outside shoes are allowed past the entryway of the Studio.


Dance shoes are NOT to be worn outside on pavement/gravel.  Dancers must wear regular shoes into the Studio, then put their dance shoes on once they arrive. 

Dancers are encouraged to bring a water bottle to class.  Please, no liquids other than water!

Cell phone use is not permitted during class time.  Phones must remain in the dancer's bag and placed on silent.

Spectators are not permitted during classes. 

Young dancers should always have a change of clothes in their dance bag in the event of an accident.  

In the event of inclement weather the instructor may choose to hold their class virtually over Zoom, or to cancel their class for the evening and make it up at a later date.  We do not automatically cancel class even if school is canceled.  

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