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Dance Calendar

2024 - 2025

*Schedule is subject to change at any time.*

September 3rd  -  First Day of Classes

October 28th to October 30th - Halloween Week! Dancers may wear costumes to class!

October 31st - Halloween Night (no classes)

November 25th to November 29th  -  Thanksgiving Break (no regular classes - but there will be Polar Express rehearsals!)

December 6th - "The Polar Express" Dress Rehearsal at CPAC

December 7th & December 8th - "The Polar Express" Performances at CPAC

December 23rd to January 3rd -  Holiday Break (no classes)

February 17th to February 21st  -  February Vacation (no classes)

March 14th  -  Recital costume balances due

April 21st to April 25th  -  April Vacation (no classes)

May 2nd and May 3rd -  Temporary Photo Days at the Studio 

May 26th  -  Memorial Day (no classes)


June 13th - Recital Dress Rehearsal at CPAC

June 14th and June 15th  -  47th Annual Recital Performances at CPAC

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