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Registration Information

Registration for the 2024-2025 dance year will open soon.

Please check back later to officially register!

Registration Fee

There is a one-time registration fee to sign up for classes.  This is a flat fee no matter how many classes you are registering for. Those who turn in their registration prior to 08/09/2024 will receive a discount.


Fees are as follows:

1 Dancer on or before 08/09/2024 - $35

1 Dancer after 08/09/2024- $50

2 Dancers on or before 08/09/2024 - $60

2 Dancers after 08/09/2024 - $85 


3 Dancers on or before 08/09/2024 - $80

3 Dancers after 08/09/2024 - $115


Tuition Fees

Monthly fees are paid September through June.  The monthly fee is calculated by taking the full year's tuition fee and dividing it across 10 months for more manageable payments.

These fees apply to both recreational and competitive classes except for Dance With Me and Adult Classes.

1 Class/week - $75/month per dancer

2 Classes/week - $110/month per dancer

3 Classes/week - $140/month per dancer

4 Classes/week - $165/month per dancer

5+ Classes/week - $180/month per dancer

2 Dancer Family Cap - $250/month per household

3 Dancer Family Cap - $315/month per household

Private Lessons

Private lessons are available to all dancers that want to supplement their weekly classes, or to make up any missed class time.  

Please send us an email for more information about private lessons.

Pageant Prep

Services included in Pageant Prep pricing are talent preparation (music editing and choreography), modeling walk practice, and a mock interview. 

Under 12 years of age - $100

12 years of age and older - $125

This flat fee covers any and all practices leading up to the pageant.  Whether we practice for a total of 4 hours or 20 hours, it's all included.  If a dancer chooses to compete in a second pageant (i.e. Potato Blossom) and uses the same dance, there will be an additional $40 fee for the extra practice time.  If the dancer chooses to perform a brand new dance, the full fee will apply.

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